Manage Money, Not Schedules

We bring you the companies that you want to see. Global to local, big to small, let us work for you.

Welcome to the future of corporate access, democratized.

We don’t believe banks should be the gatekeepers to great companies. We have made it our mission to represent you better than you’ve ever been represented.


New global regulations say that investors must be able to connect resource usage to payments. Corporate access is one of your most valuable resources, so let’s start there.


Your information is your business. We aren’t conflicted by other business units, so we represent you and as such your information is safely guarded.

Useful Data

We strive to provide you with unique insights to help you find the right companies to invest in.

Why Platform Group Works

The traditional approach to corporate access takes the power out of investor's hands. We believe the focus should be on connecting great companies and smart investors using a transparent and mutually beneficial approach.


It’s time for a change. We use technology to bring transparency and equality to an archaic and conflicted model.

Cost-Effective & Compliant

New global regulations are forcing change in how you pay for resources. We offer explicit, unbundled pricing at a 70% discount to the current average. Pay less per use and consolidate your providers.

Alpha Generation

We focus our efforts on bringing companies that you want to see. Let us know who’s on your Wish List and see what we can do.

How it Works

Meeting companies has never been so easy

Build Your Wish List

These are the companies that you would like to meet with. We take this information very seriously and guarantee confidentiality. We also offer non-disclosure agreements.

Tell Your Story

More companies are likely to want to meet you based on the information you provide about your role, mandate, background and firm. We’ll help you make a strong impression.

Submit Your Interest and Preferred Times

When we bring a company to your region that matches your criteria and mandate, submit your interest and preferred meeting times. Shared meeting, no problem. Group lunch, eat up.

Take Your Meeting

Learn more, dig deeper, gain insights and build relationships during your meeting with company management.

Submit Quality Feedback

Providing quality feedback helps maintain a high feedback score, which contributes to your future likelihood of receiving meetings. Feedback is fully confidential, anonymous (if you’d like) and easy to submit. Show management that you value their time.