F.A.Q. Corporates

Q: Why would I market with Platform Group as opposed to one of my covering brokers/investment banks?

A: We offer an independent, conflict-free and user-friendly approach to corporate access that empowers you to make your own decisions. We recognize that brokers have historically filled an important need, but like any other industry, regulatory and technological changes often encourage and enable more transparent and efficient processes. We consider ourselves to be the next stage in the evolution of corporate access.

Q: Won’t my covering brokers be upset if we don’t market with them?

A: It’s possible, but a research analyst’s job is to write quality, insightful, non-conflicted research. Corporate access and research should not be correlated. We provide a more open avenue to market access, beyond just your particular broker’s relationships, which should be your priority as a steward of shareholder capital.

Q: What regions can you currently market in?

A: We currently market global companies to Canadian investors, with plans to expand to other regions such as the US and Europe. Please let us know if you have interest in another region.

Q: What is a typical roadshow schedule?

A: We typically fill 5-6 one-on-one meetings per day with a group lunch, however this is completely up to you as you launch your roadshow.

Q: Do you attend the meetings?

A: No, we have strict policy to not attend the meetings. These meetings belong to you and the investor, you don’t need us there!

We will however have a professional there to ensure you get from meeting to meeting on time, and all of the logistics go to plan.

Q: Why should I care about MiFID II? Isn’t it a European regulation?

A: MiFID II is European-born regulation that has significant global implications. For public companies, research coverage is forecast to significantly decrease as explicit pricing will force attrition. Company IR teams will have to find new and innovative ways to maintain and raise investor awareness.

Global investors are currently or will be transitioning to MiFID II compliance for the following reasons:
i) Many large institutional investors operate globally. If one of their operating jurisdictions is governed by MiFID II and another isn’t, it is best corporate governance to transition all operating entities to the strictest regulation.
ii) From an asset gathering point of view, all else being equal, those who are the most compliant with new standards and regulations are likely to gather more assets.

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