White Glove Service, Independent Approach

We empower you to decide which investors you want to meet with.

Align your company with the right investors for your strategy

Platform Group enables public companies to discover new investors, have more insights and knowledge on those investors and receive real, unvarnished feedback after the meeting.

More Options = Better Shareholders

Meet with investors based on who is the best fit, not who pays the most commissions.

You Decide

Top investors, delivered to you. You choose which investors you want to meet.

Clear Communication

From start to finish, we are with you with personalized service. Know where your roadshow stands at all times.

Why Platform Group Works

Traditional investment banks often do not have your best interests at heart. No longer should they stand between good companies and smart investors. Information is what you need to make your own decisions. Here’s how we do it better:

Fully Independent

We provide insight into who wants to meet with you and give you the flexibility to decide on each meeting. Our focus is ensuring you have the highest quality meetings.


Fostering the growth of relationships is the cornerstone of our business. We have an unwavering focus on making your next roadshow a success.


Marketing with an investment bank is implicit payment for research coverage. The problem is, that makes research conflicted. We provide your access for free and without conflict.

How it Works

Custom data-driven roadshows for your investor targeting needs

Launch Your Roadshow

Choose your dates, city and preferred times.

Choose Your Meetings

We present you with all interested institutional investors. We empower you with useful and unique information to help you make your decision.

Enjoy Your Top-Quality Roadshow

You’ve selected your meetings. Now we take care of the rest.

Get Timely Real Feedback & Build Relationships

Investors have opinions and we have incentivized them to give them to you. Learn what the market really thinks so you can shape your strategy and foster partnerships.